Large Car Magnet with QR Code

carMagentWould you like to have a Car Magnet with QR Code?

Scan this QR Code, it will take you to Sumico Net website.


Now daily basis, you see flyers or brochures with QR Code - 2D matrix barcode. A QR code works by scanning the code with a mobile device that is equipped with a camera and QR code reader application. These apps are available to download for free on popular smartphone such as iPhone and Android. 

When the QR code is scanned, it translated to URL, the URL is opened in a browser and landing page will be diesplayed on a smartphone.  This QR code on the left, if you scan it, my website - Sumico Net will pop up.

I have seen car magnets with URL and telephone number, but I thought that it would be good to have QR code on the Car Magnet, so people can scan your code and have a look at your website to get information about your business in the car park. I made this one for myself to capture more business around Beenleigh, Logan City area.


Car Magnet by Sumico Net  

Size:          Small 292mmx222mm, Large 447mmx292mm

QR Code:   Sumico Net will organise the QR code, if you like and place onto your Car Magnet

Price:         From A$195 including delivery and custom design car magnet


QR codes can be used for the following marketing materials.

Sumico Net can design your marketing materials with QR codes.

      • Business Cards
      • Car Magnets
      • Brochures and Flyers
      • Posters
      • Conference and Event Displays
      • Print Advertisements

You can get QR Codes for Google Map locations, Social Media Profiles, Contact Details, Special campaign page, Order form, specific product or more. You can have multiple QR codes but each QR code can have one specific URL. 

It is important that you have smartphohe friendly landing page for QR code.  Sumico Net can help with your smartphone friendly website as well. 

Sumico Net can organise QR code for your specific URL and place onto your marketing materials.

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