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Brisbane based SG Partners provide business consulting, business development, training and recruitment. SG Partners is one of Sumico Net's loyal customers and this website is the third website that Sumico Net created for SG Partners.

We really appreciate thier continous support.


responsive web designObjectives of SG Partners Website Project

Responsive Design / Content Management System

SG Partners website is responsive design and it is especially designed for the mobile users. It can viewed perfectly with all devices. This website is developed by Content Management System, so it is easy to update and maintain by SG Partners.

Design Concepts

SG Partners wanted to have a modern and simple website, so we followed the direction. 

SG Partners logo colours are dark blue, green and grey, so we used blue, gren, grey and white for fonts and images.  We used variation of blue.  The background image of testimonials is chosen because SG Partners helps business grow, blog will help people strategically, and contacting SGP will be successful. 

We used toggled headers (When click the headings, the details are displayed), so visitors can read the items which they are interested in. This will prevent mobile users to scroll down too long. 



Call Now Button was not initially included, however, Sumico Net found this call button worked for other client, so introduced it to SG Partners.


sgpmobileHere is what SG Partners says about Sumico Net's services;

Sumi is great - she really gets it. I do not have to give her to many instructions, she knows what I want and then exceeds my expectations. I strongly recommend Sumi for any web based, branding work and social media advice, thanks Sumi.


Please contact Sumico Net today for your mobile friendly website development. 

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