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Sumico Net will transform your current website with changing colour scheme and creating some new banners and we give your website a new look!

Tombo Australia is a company based on the Gold Coast exporting Australian made products to Japan. They had a website set up by their friend, but he got too busy to maintain their website, so Sumico Net was asked to take over.  We thought that the colour scheme was a bit too dark for their targeting market - Japanese females, so we changed their colour scheme to be more fresh and colourful ones. As the client wants to promote Australian Natural cosmetics, Sumico Net created new banners for cosmetics, health suppliment and their free shipping service information.

It is the same layout with different colour and images, but these changes made a huge difference to the look and feel of this website.

Sumico Net also had a look at basic SEO side of the website and gave the owner writing tips and we changed the tags and layouts as a part of the service. The website starts appearing in the results with some keywords.   We are providing on going services.  (This website is only in Japanese)


Another example of web design make over is Bathroom Chef (below) in Beenleigh.


They sell natural sopas and cosmetics, but their first website did not give the impression of Natural products.

The original web designer was in the United States and they found that it was not easy to communicate with the designer. The client was looking for a local designer in Beenleigh area who can fix the problem as this website was not functioning properly.  For example, the currency displayed US dollars, shipping cost and so on. Sumico Net fixed these issues to make this website work. We visit their stall in the South Bank Market for a briefing and we saw their banner at the market. We suggested to use that banner artwork for website, so they could save cost without spending extra for banner design and also keep their branding consistent.

We also took photos of their products and changed the products images with white background, so the website looks more natural, clean and fresh. Little changes make a difference. When you have tight budget, we try to come up with options to suit your needs and budget.


Sumico Net can offer diffrent options to match your budget.  If you need to make your website to appeal to your target markets, please contact us today. 

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